Hot off the electronic press: Not That Sick, a brand new Grandpa Hates the Bird story with all the dark, twisted, great-for-little-kids humor you’ve come to know and love.

Here’s a snippet:

“‘What do you think, Bird? Should we play Killigan’s Island with Grandpa?’ Maya asked.


Not That Sick

I beat my wings as hard as I could to demonstrate my wish to flee. I flipped onto my back and stuck my legs in the air to simulate death. I did a Yak Yak Neck and threw up some breakfast to show the extent of my fear.

It must have been the fever or the purple medicine or the wads of tissue stuffed up Maya’s nose like walrus tusks (she kept them wedged there to absorb the flow), because Maya watched all my flappings and floppings and said, ‘Look, Grandpa! Bird’s really excited. Let’s play Killigan’s Island!’”

It’s all fun and games when Maya stays home sick—but not that sick—from school. She and Bird are having a blast…until Grandpa suggests a game of his own.

  • Which is stickier: honey or orange juice?
  • Can Bird resist the cheese crumb in Grandpa’s mustache?
  • What do dirt, tarantulas, purple Sharpie pens and shredded newspaper have in common?

Join Bird and Maya for a day of fun, frolic and, yes, fear in the side-splitting 7th short story in the Grandpa Hates the Bird series!

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