books on stool2mediumIt’s true, it’s true, CAST OFF: THE STRANGE ADVENTURES OF PETRA DE WINTER AND BRAM BROEN, officially launched into the world today! Wahoo! Friends, let me tell you, there’s no better, weirder, surrealer, more humbling feeling than waking up in the morning and knowing that as of right now and forever more the oddball story you made up inside your head, featuring characters you secretly believe are real, is in book form and can be read by anyone you’ve ever known, loved, or feared and total strangers too.

You can find everything you’ve ever wanted to know about CAST OFF here. I’ll have lots of fun stories to share about CAST OFF in the coming weeks, but for now I want to share pictures from the super fun reading I did at my wonderful neighborhood bookstore, Book Culture, on Friday.


Here’s my head and my book in the window display:

window head3med



Me, reading:




Me, showing the crummy marker and tracing paper drawing I did of the ship that talented illustrator, Sailor Danny Mancini, turned into a gorgeous illustration in the book:




Young friends and readers Isabelle and Aaron:

young readers2med



Dear friends, Marc and Floyd, and beloved agent, Ginger:




My friend Jon is known for his sense of humor. Here’s how he asked me to inscribe his copy:

jon ebay2medium



Last, but not least, my dad photobombing a picture of my kids:




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