“Kids will LOVE Grandpa Hates the Bird! The stories have a great voice and are full of humor–a blessing in today’s kids’ lit!”
– Margo Dill’s Read These Books and Use Them!

“The stories are, in a word, delightful. They are fun, engaging, hilarious, revenge-filled without ever being vengeful. They are cute and heart-warming and contain hidden life-lessons about being a good friend, being honest and trustworthy, and being loving. And they are written in a very easy-going and altogether compelling style that appeals to me as a reader, a step-parent, and someone who is more than occasionally worried that the future of our world is in the hands of kids whose main introductions to reading are video game manuals.”
– All Things Jill-Elizabeth

“I found myself laughing my way through each of the six stories in this book.”
– Geo Librarian

“I love this book. I read this to my four brothers every night…we all love it even mom. we can’t stop laughing. my brother who is four with autism wants to keep hearing about the bird. we don’t want to stop at the end of each chapter. I think it’s very funny.”
– A Kid’s Review, Amazon

“Bird bust us up! We were laughing so very hard!!!! I read this aloud to my 5 year old while his daddy listened and they BOTH loved it! my son wants to read it again and again!” “A must have” “Great reading!” “So funny and wonderful”
– Amazon reviewers

“I laughed til I choked. Then I immediately read it again.”
– Barnes and Noble reviewer