I’d love to hear from you!


I love talking to readers! I’ve given presentations to grade schoolers through high schoolers (never all at the same time, though), and teachers and librarians, too. I’ve visited schools, libraries, bookstores, conferences, and living rooms.

Here’s what teachers had to say about a few of my visits:

I am so grateful to you for coming to visit our school. You truly inspired our students to be great writers and provided fun information about a country they are learning about. Overall, as the kids would say, you were awesome!
– Kelley, 7th grade teacher

Dear Eve,
Thank you for coming to our classroom and sharing your knowledge of writing and becoming an author. Your insight and your teachings fascinated the children and me. It was a perfect connection to our process writing and really brought a different perspective to the children. As you can see from their thank-you letters, they were genuinely touched and interested by all that you were able to convey. I truthfully believe that your presentation is what learning is all about!
– Kerry, 4th grade teacher

Eve is a natural teacher and storyteller. Her rapport with the students was incredible, as is her ability to get them talking and sharing. Eve is very effective with high school students and would be a great asset for middle school too.
– Evaluation from a high school visit

If you’d like me to visit your school, I ask that you distribute an order form for my books to parents ahead of time, so students can order the book(s) they’d like, and I can sign them while I’m at school (I can help you with this process). Also, it’s ideal – but not required – if students have read one of my books before the visit. Please contact me for details about fees and what kind of visit would work best for your school.

I also do 30-minute Skype sessions for $100. I’ve found that kids have a blast talking with my disembodied head on a screen!