Real Magic

Just finished THE MAGIC OF REALITY: How We Know What’s Really True by Richard Dawkins. I loved it. It’s got the easiest and best explanation of evolution that I’ve come across, which is great because I find that when it comes to profound concepts I need multiple explanations, the simpler the better. My favorite part of the book, though, was in the first chapter where Dawkins offers three definitions of magic.

Is this offensive?

Of course it’s all a matter of perspective and taste. What I think is hilarious, you find appalling. What you think is gross, I think is fascinating. And isn’t it great that the world is full of different opinions, otherwise it’d be a really boring place to live?

Except I’m usually the outlier.

Here’s an example. A bunch of years ago, I […]

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Guess what? I wrote some more books! And I published them myself. Electronically.

I can’t have been the only third grader with Edward Gorey on the nightstand and Little House on the Prairie in the closet. I can’t be the only person who passed her cherished copy of Very Special People: With 52 Pages of Fascinating Photographs of these Astonishing Wonders […]

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Close to home

I tend to write novels that require a lot of research. ESCAPE UNDER THE FOREVER SKY takes place in Ethiopia, and when I started it, all I knew about the country was that it was somewhere in Africa. CAST OFF, my novel in progress, is set in the 17th century. Two years ago, when I got the idea for the […]

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