Guest Post on I Read Banned Books

Why is there so much underage drinking in Cast Off? Find out here.

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It’s Always More Fun at the Kids Table

Why do I write for kids? What’s different–and what’s the same–when you set a book in distant time period? Opera–really? Find out at Cracking the Cover!

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An Interview on Read Now Sleep Later

What a great name for a blog about books! In which I talk about writing characters with different points of view, cultural differences, deep emotional struggles, my next book, and pie vs cake. Read Now here!

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Next stop on the blog tour: Books Unbound

Many thanks to Crystal for a fun interview on her excellent blog, Books Unbound! I talk about Cast Off, writing for kids, the 1600s, childhood pets, and more.

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Happy Birthday to Cast Off!

books on stool2mediumIt’s true, it’s true, CAST OFF: THE STRANGE ADVENTURES OF PETRA DE WINTER AND BRAM BROEN, officially launched into the world today! Wahoo! Friends, let me tell you, there’s no better, weirder, surrealer, more humbling feeling than waking up in the morning and knowing that as of right […]

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Hip Hip Hoay!

Warning: I’m about to geek out in an etymological fashion.

When I wrote Cast Off, the novel that’s coming out this coming Tuesday, May 19 (!!), I tried not to use words that didn’t exist when the novel takes place, which is the 1660s. So, for example, hullabaloo was out, because it originated in the 18th century, but hubbub was fine because it […]

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New Grandpa Hates the Bird story!

Hot off the electronic press: Not That Sick, a brand new Grandpa Hates the Bird story with all the dark, twisted, great-for-little-kids humor you’ve come to know and love.

Here’s a snippet:

“‘What do you think, Bird? Should we play Killigan’s Island with Grandpa?’ Maya asked.

I beat my wings as hard […]

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Advice from Charles Dickens

The Morgan Library, one of best places to spend an afternoon in New York, is having a Charles Dickens exhibition with things on display like the manuscript for A Christmas Carol, original illustrations for his books, and personal letters.

This kind of show always thrills me. Seeing rough drafts with all their cross-outs and marginalia, reading personal correspondence between Dickens and […]

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Shhhh…Let me tell you a secret.

You don’t have to be a Trekkie to appreciate the Vulcan patriotism displayed by president and COO Bradley Abelow at his congressional subcommittee hearing for the MF Global debacle. Live long and prosper, indeed!

Like many people, I was thrilled to see this picture in the NY Times today because nothing gets me going like SECRET MESSAGES. My vote for best […]

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Escape Under the Forever Sky is out in paperback!

And look – it has a lovely new cover! Also, Escape made the Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List for 2012-2013. I’m really excited about my visit to the Ethical Culture School on December 12th to talk with the 4th graders about Ethiopian adventures.



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