New Grandpa Hates the Bird story!

Hot off the electronic press: Not That Sick, a brand new Grandpa Hates the Bird story with all the dark, twisted, great-for-little-kids humor you’ve come to know and love.

Here’s a snippet:

“‘What do you think, Bird? Should we play Killigan’s Island with Grandpa?’ Maya asked.

I beat my wings as hard […]

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Why write ebooks for kids when kids don’t read ebooks?

You see the stats everywhere: ebook sales are exploding, ereaders are flying off the (virtual) shelves. Everybody’s smartphone has an ereader app. Or two. But not for kids. Not yet.

It’s driving me crazy, but I can’t find the article I read a couple of months ago that broke down ebook sales for kids by age. Suffice it say, among kids […]

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Guess what? I wrote some more books! And I published them myself. Electronically.

I can’t have been the only third grader with Edward Gorey on the nightstand and Little House on the Prairie in the closet. I can’t be the only person who passed her cherished copy of Very Special People: With 52 Pages of Fascinating Photographs of these Astonishing Wonders […]

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Close to home

I tend to write novels that require a lot of research. ESCAPE UNDER THE FOREVER SKY takes place in Ethiopia, and when I started it, all I knew about the country was that it was somewhere in Africa. CAST OFF, my novel in progress, is set in the 17th century. Two years ago, when I got the idea for the […]

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