17th Century

Guest Post on I Read Banned Books

Why is there so much underage drinking in Cast Off? Find out here.

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It’s Always More Fun at the Kids Table

Why do I write for kids? What’s different–and what’s the same–when you set a book in distant time period? Opera–really? Find out at Cracking the Cover!

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Interview on Mother Daughter Book Club

In which I talk about whether historical fiction is appealing and relevant today. Of course it is! Find out why here.

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An Interview on Read Now Sleep Later

What a great name for a blog about books! In which I talk about writing characters with different points of view, cultural differences, deep emotional struggles, my next book, and pie vs cake. Read Now here!

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Next stop on the blog tour: Books Unbound

Many thanks to Crystal for a fun interview on her excellent blog, Books Unbound! I talk about Cast Off, writing for kids, the 1600s, childhood pets, and more.

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Hip Hip Hoay!

Warning: I’m about to geek out in an etymological fashion.

When I wrote Cast Off, the novel that’s coming out this coming Tuesday, May 19 (!!), I tried not to use words that didn’t exist when the novel takes place, which is the 1660s. So, for example, hullabaloo was out, because it originated in the 18th century, but hubbub was fine because it […]

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Is this offensive?

Of course it’s all a matter of perspective and taste. What I think is hilarious, you find appalling. What you think is gross, I think is fascinating. And isn’t it great that the world is full of different opinions, otherwise it’d be a really boring place to live?

Except I’m usually the outlier.

Here’s an example. A bunch of years ago, I […]

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