“Find out what happens when two 12-year-olds from vastly different worlds are thrown together in a high-seas adventure packed with action, secrets, and intrigue . . . The story brims with luscious detail, the product of copious and enthusiastic research, engagingly summarized in an author’s note. This novel has all the required elements to appeal to zealous historical-adventure buffs.– Kirkus

“The tweens are forced to make tough decisions about loyalty, friendship, and survival. Pirates, illness, mutiny, and storms on the high seas are the backdrop of an adventure that will have readers alternately breathless and cheering.” – Booklist

Yohalem’s seafaring adventure is saturated with action and historical detail….As the ship faces illness, pirates, mutiny, and other hazards, Yohalem (Escape Under the Forever Sky) explores the limited options for women and minorities through Bram and Petra’s first-person narratives. Vibrant descriptions and sometimes gruesome imagery make for an absorbing, informative read.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“Yohalem’s thorough research, authentic nautical jargon, and sailors’ dialect brings this riveting tale to life. Likable characters and rich historical detail from daily food and drink to the elaborate hierarchy of the ship’s crew to how to use a “butt-broom” make this a believable tale. Adventures abound as Petra and Bram struggle through raging storms, rollicking battles with pirates, and deadly bouts of disease. Plots of mutiny heighten tensions and divide loyalties, and Bram and Petra are both dangerously caught in the middle, fighting for survival and a place to call home. VERDICT Pair this book with Avi’s The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle (1990) or Karen Hesse’s Stowaway (2001, both Scholastic). A thoroughly satisfying high seas adventure.” – School Library Journal

“It was the comparison to The True Confession of Charlotte Doyle that drew me to this new novel by Eve Yohalem, and I’m happy to report that the comparison was apt….I highly recommend this fantastic piece of historical fiction for readers of all ages!” – The Hiding Spot